We work for the benefit of businesses, business associations and development institutions seeking government relations support.

Our target clients are representatives of the telecommunications sector, marketplaces, digital platforms, fintech and medtech companies, social media and other technology companies, including pharmaceutical businesses, banks and companies representing other sectors subject to a heavy regulatory burden.


We help companies effectively arrange their ad hoc and strategic communications with federal and regional government authorities, and represent them before government authorities and expert associations throughout all phases of such communication.

IRS Advisory Group’s focus is advising on regulatory risk management, creation of additional opportunities for business development by mitigating uncertainties and reducing regulatory “grey zones”, obtaining government support or pursuing business interests within the framework of the rulemaking process and sectoral regulatory control.

We help businesses make a risk map for a specific period and develop a GR strategy to mitigate such risks.


Our goal is to help businesses develop transparent and effective gr strategies on the basis of strict compliance with law and prevention of compliance risks, identify the key needs of businesses, including technology companies, and facsilitate the formation of a regulatory control framework for the purpose of economic development. Assistance in the most efficient way»

— Ruslan Ibragimov,
Founder and Managing Partner
IRS Advisory Group

Our Capabilities


Deep understanding of the way government institutions operate

Many years of successful experience in building effective communications with government authorities as well as elaborating and promoting initiatives to improve the regulatory framework


Sectoral expertise

IRS Advisory Group works closely with leading sectoral associations and Russian higher education institutions in terms of expert assistance for promoting client agenda


Understanding business needs from within

Our work hinges on deep understanding of business needs, government machine mechanics and decision-making techniques to build transparent, winwin cooperation. Members of the IRS Advisory Group team have worked for major corporates and are fully knowledgeable of the business operation processes


Interdisciplinary knowledge and experience

IRS Advisory Group has sufficient knowledge in law, economics, business processes and regulation to solve complex business tasks for the benefit of companies representing sectors subject to a heavy regulatory burden


Transparent legal tools to achieve business goals while maintaining a productive dialogue with the government to the mutual satisfaction

IRS Advisory Group operates solely in accordance with Russian and foreign law, and deploys transparent GR tools and technologies to achieve client goals in the near and long terms.

IRS Advisory Group liaises with business partners and government authorities on the basis of law and ethics. We are always impartial in assessing achievability of the tasks at hand, thus saving client time and money.

Working with clients, we remain carefully focused on data security and confidentiality issues

Our Services

GR ties with government authorities

A business cannot develop without a productive dialogue with government authorities. IRS Advisory Group helps businesses set up such relations using transparent methods based on deep understanding of the regulatory framework and many years of GR experience

  • Monitoring and analysing regulatory trends in the given industries
  • Monitoring and analysing the existing legal framework to identify business risks and opportunities
  • Making GR maps to assess regulatory risks in the near, medium and long terms
  • Preventive and anti-crisis GR management
  • Representing clients on the platforms organised by government authorities and expert organisations
  • Providing assistance in building continued communicatio


We provide end-to-end support for the formation of a regulatory framework: from the needs and “grey zones” identification, through the development of regulations and promotion thereof on expert platforms to final clearances. We rely on our experience and global practices to create an effective rulemaking basis

  • Drafting regulations and providing expert support throughout the review and negotiation phase
  • Providing assistance to improve the regulatory framework for various economic sectors
  • Developing and conducting studies to explore the status of sector-by-sector regulation, identify legal gaps and opportunities to improve the legal and policy framework for the benefit of both businesses and the government
  • Researching the status of foreign sectoral regulation with respect to the relevant topics

Strategic consulting

We work closely with leading strategic consultants, and this enables us to handle projects of any complexity and in a variety of areas, from comprehensive business development strategies to initiative strategy implementation, taking account of the external and local environment status, regulatory risk and opportunities analysis

  • Management consulting and building development strategies on a turnkey basis with a complete legal and regulatory design
  • Adapting corporate development strategies to the regulatory requirements and developing plans of required regulatory changes for successful implementation thereof
  • Creating regulatory opportunities for receiving government support
  • Supporting foreign trade projects

Founder and Managing partner

Ruslan Ibragimov

  • Many years’ experience as a member of:
    • the Digital Economy Development Council of the Federation Council (the upper chamber of the Russian parliament)
    • the Digital Economy Committee of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RUIE) and the RUIE Commission for Communications and Information and Communication Technologies
    • the working group for the regulatory control of the digital environment as part of the “Regulatory Control” federal project under the “Digital Economy” national programme
    • the Association of Antitrust Experts — the Russian Government Expert Council and the Expert Council of the State Duma’s Committee for Information Policy, Information Technologies and Communications
    • the Executive Board of the Media and Communications Union, the Association of Big Data Market Players, the National Payment Association and the Russian Corporate Lawyers Association
  • Over 15 years working on the management of МТS
  • Over 15 years’ experience in the MTS executive board
  • Over 10 years of recognition by reputable rankings, including the TOP-1000 Russian GR and Legal Directors by the Russian Managers Association and the Kommersant Publishing House etc.
  • Experience of successful initiation and implementation of amendments to the federal laws and sectoral regulations regarding criminal, land, communications, antitrust law etc.
  • A PhD degree in law, a graduate degree from Moscow State University